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Every year at Strategy Implementation Live we help people achieve more in 3 days on their property investing than most people
do on their own in 3 months.

How do we achieve this year in, year out? This is a practical 3-day event (not just theory) where we help you implement the knowledge you already have and show you exactly what you should be doing to get fast action results.

Many people come to this training and end up leaving with potential deals and potential investors lined up because we’ve got you to take action during the event on things you already know but may not necessarily be doing.

If you’re looking to build and maintain a successful property portfolio you need to know how to take action with the latest cutting edge strategies and the tried and tested methods that will work in the current climate…

…this is what I’ve got for you at Strategy Implementation Live.

You will be in the perfect environment to expand your property network and share stories, ideas and property plans with potential joint venture partners.

Not only will you be able to network with investors from all over the UK but we also have a number of international investors attending who are looking to invest in the UK and connect with people like you to help them on the ground.

This 3-day event will not only help build your knowledge and belief to motivate you to take action but it will also help you build your network and meet people you can actually work with.
This is a LIVE practical hands-on event packed full of actionable content over 3 FULL DAYS. This event is not just theory. Discover what it means to truly thrive in the property investing world.
Our speakers are experts who work in the current market conditions. Not only will they share with you how they sustained a career in property but also the mistakes that they made along the way, so you can learn from them. Plus, some of my most successful students will be sharing with you what they have been doing since the pandemic hit, and how they did it, so you can copy their success. None of them are selling anything, they just want to give back and help you.
Although we're holding this event virtually we will still be delivering the high-value content that you would expect from our physical events. We’re putting in a lot of work to make this a truly special interactive workshop. We’re going to have some amazing networking and interactive sessions to replicate all the things we do physically. We will ensure this is just as engaging and fun as our usual events.

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What you will learn at this 3 day event:
  • How to build your personal network with property investors from all over the UK
  • How to ​implement the latest cutting edge investing strategies
  • ​How to achieve more in three days than three months
  • ​How to scale your property investing into a sustainable business
  • ​How to overcome any obstacles that are stopping you from moving forward
  • ​How to increase your Return on Investment (ROI)
  • ​How to meet and connect with potential Joint Venture partners
  • ​How to make money from every property lead / deal you find